Wellness And Vaccinations

We offer comprehensive feline wellness care plans and pet vaccination services to keep your cat as healthy as possible. Many medical conditions that arise later in life can be prevented or curbed with early diagnosis, so regular checkups are key.

Our Health Plans

We recognize that all cats do not have the same needs. Our annual and twice yearly health plans are specific to your cat, as part of our approach to individualized veterinary care.

Personalized plans include factors such as:

  • Age/Breed
  • Weight/Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel Habits
  • Genetic Predispositions to Disease

Screening for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease are just a few things that are also included in our plans.

Early Detection

Signs of illness and pain are more difficult to detect with cats than other pets due to their independent nature. That’s why many painful (and potentially costly) medical conditions can be minimized or avoided altogether with early detection.

By assessing and monitoring your beloved feline’s life stages over time, we can also establish a framework for care and suggest the behavior modifications necessary for a long and healthy life.


Our veterinary team believes that vaccines are like medicine. We tailor each cat’s needs based on their lifestyle and health status and use the safest vaccines available.

Cats Deserve Prevention Too!

Overall, cats are substantially underserved in primary veterinary care settings compared to dogs, which is one reason why we stress preventative care so much.

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