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The Cat Doctors is a full-service, feline-exclusive veterinary hospital. Our veterinary care team is like a close-knit family, and you’ll feel the warm and cozy vibe from the moment you walk in! From our charming, restored building to handmade quilts, our goal is to be your cat’s home away from home.

As a Cat-Friendly Practice®, our care team is specifically trained in feline-friendly handling so your cat can be as stress-free during the visit as possible.

Every cat we treat is provided with individualized care, from having favorite treats and toys at hand, to personality traits and specific sedation needs.

For over 25 years The Cat Doctors has maintained AAHA-accreditation by adhering to over 900 higher standards of veterinary care, and we believe your cat-family member deserves nothing less.

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Tampa Bay’s Exclusive Full-Service,
Feline Veterinary Medical Facility

Cat lovers know that there’s nothing quite as wonderful as a content cat or kitten. Meowing, purring and strutting their stuff, our veterinarians and veterinary staff love cats for all of the beautiful qualities that make them so unique and lovable.

For cat owners from South Tampa, Hyde Park, Davis Island, Bayshore and across the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services here at our signature cat hospital!

Our cat-exclusive, animal hospital has state-of-the-art equipment and a specialized focus, allowing us to work on issues big or small when it comes to your beloved feline. Not all animal clinics are able to deliver the acute care that we do, and our specialized veterinarians love ensuring optimal care for your cat!

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Our veterinary team is happy to schedule your appointment and provide a wide range of veterinary services that are exclusively available at our cat hospital!

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Our veterinarians and staff know that life is busier than ever, which is why we offer our Cat Doctors App to make communication with us as easy as possible for you.

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We invite you to join our feline family.

Whether you’ve just taken on the wonderful responsibility of a new kitten, or you’re caring for a lifetime companion, we know exactly what your cat needs for their stage of life and unique circumstances. You can count on us to prepare vaccinations and other preventative treatments based on your cat’s specific needs.

We are proud to deliver the highest standard in compassionate and comprehensive feline care! Our animal hospital is the one-stop-shop for cat owners from South Tampa, Hyde Park, Davis Island, Bayshore, and across the greater Sunshine State.