Cat Taxi


We understand that the life of a cat owner can be challenging. While your cat is lounging all day in that sun beam, you’re busy working, just trying to keep a roof over its head! That’s why we offer a low-cost Cat Taxi service.

For your convenience, we’ll come pick up your pet to ensure they receive the optimal care they need. Our mobile service includes comfort measures such as Feliway-infused towels and relaxing music. It also is fully equipped with oxygen and other medical equipment in the rare case that is needed.

This low-cost service is provided by all five of our Tampa Bay locations. Simply call (813) 877-6369 to schedule your cat’s ride!

Food And Medication Delivery

Our veterinarians and care team know that sometimes it’s hard to get a sick pet to leave the comfort of their home. That’s why our animal hospital is also happy to deliver pet food and medications at no charge!


Call our team today to learn more about our House Call services!