Nutritional Counseling

It’s no secret that all cats will benefit from a balanced diet, which is why the cat food we stock in our retail space has been fully “vetted” by our veterinarians. Our veterinary team believes that food is medicine, which is why all the food stews we carry have been hand-selected.

If your pet is prescribed a special diet and requires special food, we offer delivery to your home of your pet foods and medications.

Weight Loss

If your cat needs to lose a few pounds, just schedule a consultation with one of our technical team members for a program that is safe and easy for your loved one. To see if your pet is a candidate for this revolutionary prescription, request an appointment.

Weight & Nutrition Maintenance

Some cats require special nutrition therapy, and our trained and certified veterinary team will help you navigate through the options to find what’s best for your cat. Sometimes older or sick cats need help being encouraged to eat, and we can offer a wide range of tasty strategies to help them get the daily nutrition they need.