Affordable Wellness Plans

Introducing Affordable Preventive Cat Health Care Plans
Care plans are special packages of veterinary services designed to keep cats their happiest and healthiest. We engineer our plans to address every life stage by including the appropriate schedule of exams, parasite screenings and protections, and vaccinations. Our plans include additional benefits, too!

Feel confident knowing your trusted companion is receiving optimal care while you also enjoy the lowered stress of accessible budgeting for that care. Our plans include predictable automated monthly payments and easy-to-use online account features.

Care plans are not pet insurance. We design our plans to prevent your cat from getting sick, while insurance providers may cover you for emergency medical costs associated with treatments for illness or injury. Because care plans and insurance function independently, enrolling your cat in both can cover dual aspects of veterinary medicine: prevention and emergencies.

Why Veterinary Care Plans?

Care plans provide your pet with access to doctor-recommended wellness services—so you can worry less and play more!

Regular head-to-tail veterinary examinations allow the vet to find any health issues early on—when they’re easier to treat and less costly.

Pets, like people, need vaccinations against dangerous viral and bacterial infections. Care plans ensure that your dog or cat receives regular immunizations to protect against deadly diseases.

Screenings, such as blood and fecal tests, check for early signs of health problems. Younger pets typically need fewer tests, while more comprehensive panels help identify issues in cats and dogs as they age.

Nutrition and Exercise
Through regular visits, your pet’s vet can design the best combination of nutrition and exercise recommendations. After all, diet and proper activity levels are key to a lifetime of good health.

From house and litter box training to age-related behavioral changes, we pinpoint the sources of issues, then provide targeted advice and treatment.

Oral Health
By age three, most pets have some form of gum disease. Sore teeth and infected gums can make mealtime painful. Untreated dental diseases can also lead to other serious issues. Regular dental exams and cleanings protect your pet’s health.