Hospice and Euthanasia Services for Cats

Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is painful. Our veterinarians and veterinary staff work with clients to ensure their cat’s comfort and dignity during the hospice period.

Knowing when it’s time

It’s never an easy decision to make, but perhaps the kindest thing you can do for a pet that is extremely ill or so severely injured is to have your veterinarian induce its death quietly and humanely through euthanasia.

A decision concerning euthanasia may be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make for your pet. Although it is a personal decision, it doesn’t need to be a solitary one. Our veterinarians can help you make the right decision and can support you as you grieve the loss of your pet. We’ll also help you decide how to handle your pet’s remains.

Will it be painful?

Euthanasia is most often accomplished for pets by injection of a death-inducing drug. Our veterinarians will administer a tranquilizer first to relax your pet. Following injection of the euthanasia drug, your pet will immediately become deeply and irreversibly unconscious as the drug stops brain function. Death is quick and painless. Your pet may move its legs or head or breathe deeply several times after the drug is given, but these are reflexes and don’t mean that your pet is in pain or is suffering.