Twice a Year… For Life!

Cat owners need to know about the cat aging process. Because cats age faster than people, annual wellness exams mean more than a year passes in the cat’s life between veterinary visits.  “A visit to the veterinarian once a year is equivalent to people seeing their physician or dentist once every seven years,”  says Dr. Welborn.

“Wellness exams help cats live longer, happier lives. As cats grow older, they have more opportunities to develop serious illnesses. These cats can experience a lot of pain in the long period between annual visits. Twice yearly visits give the doctor the chance to identify and alleviate some of these illnesses earlier.”

Twice yearly exams:

  • enable early detection and treatment of potentially deadly diseases or conditions, particularly for senior cats
  • allow you to schedule immunizations and other procedures during two visits
  • provide an opportunity to consult with the owner about the cat’s weight, dental health, behavior problems, and other important health issues
  • is often financially beneficial for clients to pay veterinary bills in increments during the course of a year instead of paying one large annual bill.
  • help cats live longer, healthier lives

Another great benefit: More frequent visits mean you’re communicating more with the doctor and helping to take better care of your cats.

Bottom line: Twice-a-year wellness exams are better medicine. Please contact us to schedule your cat’s semi-annual check up today.

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