5 signs that you should be worried about your cat’s food

What to feed your cat can be a big decision. With so many choices, making sure you get the details of what is right for your individual cat can be confusing. It is always recommended to have this conversation with your veterinarian and to research your choices.

Today, there are many types of pet foods available, those for weight loss, urinary disease, kidney disease, joint care, and diabetes to simply list a few, but here are 5 items to consider:

  1. It is not stated clearly where the food is produced and manufactured.
  2. The manufacturer hasn’t heard of the American Association of Feed Control Officers. (Are their diets tested using AAFCO Feed Control Trials?)
  3. The diet follows human food fads rather than the pet’s actual nutritional needs. (i.e. Paleo, Gluten-Free,…)
  4. The pet food company seems to focus more on marketing than nutritional research.
  5. The food’s branding portrays the food as being “food for the wild animal”. ​

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