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Pet ownership isn’t always easy — but we’re here to help. Noticed a behavior change in your animal recently? Not sure if you need to bring them in for a visit, or just wait it out? Here we answer some of the usual suspects.

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Q. How much is it to neuter my 10 month old cat in Tampa?

Neutering your cat would start with you dropping him off at our office in Tampa in the morning between 7:30a and 9a. If you have any previous medical records including vaccination status we ask that you please bring them in … Continue reading

Q. How do my pets’ needs change as they age?

As our pets age there are changes in just about every system in their bodies.  The pumping function of the heart becomes less efficient; the liver and kidneys decrease in weight and their ability to filter toxins decreases; the thyroid … Continue reading

Q. Is pet insurance a good idea?

We think pet insurance is a good idea. When you have pet insurance, you have peace of mind that if anything unexpected happens to your pet, you can do whatever it takes to care for them.  It protects you against … Continue reading

Q. I think my cat has arthritis….is there anything that can be done?

The term arthritis is used for any abnormal change in the joint. The normal joint has cartilage and fluid that act as a cushion and prevent two bones from rubbing together. As arthritis progresses, these cushions degrade and the joint … Continue reading

Q. Are dental programs without anesthesia safe?

Q. I recently received an email about Tsai getting a dental. He is 14 years old and while mostly in good health, anesthesia is always a concern. Another animal hospital is promoting a full dental program WITHOUT anesthesia. Do you … Continue reading

Q. Why is my cat so itchy?

Itching is a very common response to skin inflammation. There are a few broad categories of skin diseases that can cause this inflammation, including parasite infection (fleas, mites, ticks), bacterial infection, yeast infection, and allergies. Frequently, several of these processes … Continue reading

Q. My kids want a kitty for Christmas. Is that a good idea?

A new pet can make a wonderful gift with adequate planning. Continue reading

Q. Why does my cat get so excited after his bath?

There are multiple reasons for cats to get excited after a bath. It could simply be instinct! Most cat shampoos have perfumes that may smell pleasant to us but smell awful to animals. They try to roll around and rub … Continue reading

Q. Should I worry if my cat is not using the litterbox regularly?

Regular evaluation of your cat’s litterbox can provide a window to the health of your cat. There is an array of issues, both physical and behavioral, that can be gleaned from routine monitoring of litterbox habits. Continue reading

Q. I always seem to clip my cat’s nails too far and they bleed. How do I know how short to cut them?

Unfortunately, not all nails are created equal, one method doesn’t necessarily work for all.  If your cat has clear or light colored nails, all you have to do is look for the nice pink area on the nail called the … Continue reading


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