Adult Petly Plans

Every cat has a unique set of needs. At The Cat Doctors we offer 2 plan options and our team can help you choose the right plan to meet your cat’s needs. What’s even better, Petly Plans are good for your cat and your wallet.

Silver: includes semi-annual preventive care examinations, core and lifestyle vaccine boosters and parasite tests necessary.

Gold: is a more comprehensive plan. In addition to all that is included in the Silver Plan, this plan ensures we’re looking at the types of diseases and conditions that affect cats in all stages of their lives.

For a limited time, sign up today with ZERO ENROLLMENT FEE!

*Restrictions: Plan is non-transferable. Plan cannot be applied to past visits. An appointment must be scheduled for services. Additional costs may apply to nail trims in the event the pet needs sedation. Additional costs will apply for county license and tag.